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honours bachelor's degree

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Select your diploma (choose the best match!) to see what degrees you could complete.

Completing your degree at Sheridan

Build on your diploma

With our "Degree Completion" programs, you can apply your diploma credits toward a Sheridan degree.

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Get your degree in less time

You'll get significant credit for the courses you completed in your diploma, which means you can complete your degree sooner.

Advance your career

Your diploma gave you a solid foundation, but with an honours bachelor's degree, you'll get the specialized, in-depth knowledge you need to open up more career opportunities.

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The Sheridan difference

We understand that the key to innovation is the ability to think differently - to approach problems in unique ways and to respond to rapid change. These are the skills that employers are looking for, and a Sheridan degree will help you stand out from the crowd.

"Competition is getting stiffer, and it's harder to get into the field you want. So having a degree is very important. Sheridan Degree Completion is helping me to be competitive in this job market."